Different to the club tent Flexibel and the club tent Light Plus club tent type B has 5m increments

Due to the flexible expandable construction it is always possible to extend or reduce the tent hall by your desired measurements.

Again the approved hinge-connection system guarantees easy and fast tent assembling with a minimum number of helpers.

Widths: 3,0 m / 4,0 m / 5,0 m / 6,0 m / 8,0 m / 10,0 m

Lengths: 5,0 m / 10,0 m / 15,0 m etc.
(can be extended to any size through 5m increments)

Side height: 2,38 m

Anodised 2-groove profile with bolt system. 
All steel parts, excluding tent pegs, are galvanized.

The tarpaulins consist of high gloss PVC material coated on both sides (630 g/m2) which according to DIN 4102 B1 is flame-resistant, water-repellent and UV resistant.

The tarpaulin can be delivered in either a single colour, with stripes on one side or with your logo on it.


The right equipment for your marquee

To match your stylish event you should not be without beautiful decoration.
In addition to the basic equipment of our halls we offer plenty of accessories. 
From windows made of poly glass to lighting and decorative ribbons in different colours and air-conditioning Bühler Zelt- & Bühnensysteme offers not only a wide product range of tent systems but also its accessories.

The following equipment is available:

  • Windows and doors 
  • Lighting 
  • Decoration
  • Table and chairs 


You can choose between:

Wooden flooring 
This flooring for our tent systems consists of tongue and groove boards (21 mm thick).
The boards are screwed on with hard wood scantling. Due to an overhang of the hard wood scantling at the end of the slab it is impossible to trip.

For the foundation of the floor two options are available:

  • Square timber foundation
    The supporting structure consists of squared timbers laid parallel to the direction of the width of the tent. The planed tongue and groove boards lie on these squared timbers inserted into aluminium profiled rods.
  • Steel foundation
    The supporting structure consists of an outer frame (rectangular tube) with a fixture for tent supports and two layers of square tubes, naturally galvanized.
    The tongue and groove boards lie on this steel frame inserted into aluminium profiled rods. 
    This tent floor has the capacity to hold a load of 350 kg / m².

Coffered VIP flooring
It is not necessary to anchor the floor, because it is usually sufficient to insert our heavy load slabs.
As our platform elements can be integrated into the flooring system it allows you to be very flexible, save money and storage capacity. The coffered VIP flooring consists of coffered panels 1 x 3m in size with water-resistant phenolic resin coated plywood, surrounded by a special aluminium profile. The floor is supported by specially manufactured anchor plates as well as plate girders from galvanized steel.

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