Equipment and quality of the system "Kompatibel" correspond to a large extent to the system "Flexibel".

The difference is that instead of the normally used keder profiles curtain rods are used to fix the tarpaulins. Also the poles of the side parts are quadrangular and milled out at the bottom.

Of course our party tent "Kompatibel“ is designed for installing storm rods reducing once again the movement of the tent tarpaulins in stormy weather.

Widths: 3,0 m / 4,0 m / 5,0 m / 6,0 m / 8,0 m / 10, 0 m

Lengths: 3,0 m / 6,0 m / 9,0 m / etc.
(can be extended to any size through 3m increments)

Side height: 2,38 m

Anodised 4-groove-profile with bolt system. 
All steel parts, excluding tent pegs, are galvanized.

The tarpaulins consist of high gloss PVC material coated on both sides  (630g/m2) which according to DIN 4102 B1 is flame-resistant, water-repellent and UV resistant!

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