The innovative hinge-connection system of the party tent "Flexibel“ guarantees an easy and fast assembling of the tents with a minimum number of helpers.

Due to the size of the increments of 3,0 m it is possible to organise festivities and events even if you only have a minimum of space.

The divided side tarpaulins can be fixed at the tarpaulin of the tents in a very short period of time. As the roof tarpaulins of party tent Flexibel are threaded individually assembling can be carried out faster and easier.


Widths: 3,0 m / 4,0 m / 5,0 m / 6,0 m / 8,0 m / 10,0 m

Lengths: 3,0 m / 6,0 m / 9,0 m / etc. 
(can be extended to any size through 3m increments)

Side height: 2,38 m

Anodised 4-groove-profile with bolt system. 
All steel parts, excluding tent pegs, are galvanized.

The tarpaulins consist of high gloss PVC material coated on both sides (630g/m2) which according to DIN 4102 B1 is flame-resistant, water-repellent and UV resistant!

Additionally it is possible to order a special design of the roof, the so-called Domfeld-design (pitched roof construction).

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