Our lunge tent is perfectly suited for lunging or riding in the dry. This "mobile property" provides the ideal protection from rain, snow and sun.

Another advantage is the quick and easy installation without any foundation. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be used at different locations.

The lunge tent is equipped according to customer’s needs, for example windbreak nets or PVC tarpaulin.

For each model we offer the following accessories:

  • rain gutters
  • wooden side boards
  • circulating steel tube panels
  • window bands in the roof
  • illumination
  • portable heaters


Diameter: 10,12 m  / 15,12 m  / 20,12 m (up to 31 m)

Eaves height: 3,0 m to 4,0 m

Ridge height: 4,6 m to 10,0 m

Intermediate sizes are always available!


  • Snow load up to SK 0.85 kN/m2
  • Wind load to zone 2 

We produce according static calculations:

  • DIN 4112
  • DIN 1055
  • DIN 13782
  • DIN EN 1991

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